We are new generation multidiscipline company curating special projects to build one-of-a-kind stories and social experiences for brands, property developers and institutions.

We have flair and audacity, with passion for storytelling, design and innovation. We are helping brands find new ways to disrupt by creating relevant and unique innovative content with curated creative talents.

The Team

Six year ago Anne-Laure Pingreoun launched Alter-Projects, with the aim to connect brands with creative talents to produce thoughtful, unprecedented work through a series of collaborations.

After 15 years working in marketing and design for lead creative agencies, Anne-Laure saw an opportunity to create something more lasting and meaningful than typical advertising oriented installations. Brokering mutually beneficial collaborations Anne-Laure works as a curator and producer to help brands disrupt and innovate while simultaneously enabling creators to actualise their dreams and to exceed the limits of their practice.

Sharon Kwiatkowski joined the team recently to work on the Artist Representation and Commercial Collaboration side, bringing her passion for Art and Design. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design and although her focus turned to making rather than creating she has a deep knowledge of the creative process and firm belief in the value of protecting the integrity of a creative vision.

Her passion is also in connecting the right creative partners with brands with the goal of helping the brands stay culturally relevant, while giving artists/designers opportunities to express themselves in new and interesting ways.

In a nutshell, Alter-Projects is interested in working with practitioners and brands who want to alter the status-quo and push the limits of what has been done before.

Our Approach

We believe unexpected connections always bring the best results!

Having worked in a range of media, from the digital space to massive installations, undaunted by large scale work and always eager to bring something new into being. “Our collaborations are less with established names and really with up and coming artists and designers who are on the verge of being big. That [most importantly] wish to challenge themselves, says Anne-Laure”

Our goal is to help our clients stay fresh, innovative and relevant while staying fast, nimble and flexible.


For business and press enquiries:
Email: contact@alter-projects.com​
Call: +44 7408 800 919    

Our Partners

Alter-Projects network resides in the Design and Art industries.

We have been collaborating with: