'On Loop' by Universal Design Studio

Alter-Projects, as the lead Curator for A/D/O by MINI curated 'On Loop', an installation by Universal Design Studio for Archtober month in October 2019.  


On the heels of opening their first U.S. office in Manhattan, London’s UDS unveiled a performance-based installation at A/D/O/. The participatory On Loop underpins the firm’s research and development-driven methodology, a process of collaborative experimentation to design unique spaces that interact with their users.


Repetitive tasks are known to be relaxing, therapeutic, and can even send the mind into a trance-like state. But what role do they play in the creative process?


By no means an easy feat, the installation, highlights the cumulative nature of progress, while experimenting with the cyclic ideas of co-creation.


As well as the free public day-to-day activities available as part of On Loop, a series of seven ticketed evening workshops will allow participants to explore the installation’s themes using a variety of media, including craft, food, drawing, writing, and teachable systems.


For example, BKLYN CLAY will host two events: the first requires attendees to shape clay forms using simple tools; in the second, a different group of participants will decorate and finish the items. Designer Laila Gohar will lead another workshop involving the creation of edible outcomes, a sound session lead by artist Juan Miguel Marin, then to close the series, a partnership with IBM will allow guests to teach choreographed movements to an artificial intelligence robot.