'Wave. Particle. Duplex' by Studio Swine

Alter-Projects, as the lead Curator for A/D/O by MINI curated
'Wave. Particle. Duplex' an installation by the London based Duo Studio Swine. 

Studio Swine was established in 2011 by Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves. Their work straddles the spheres of art, design and cinema, blending poetry and research into immersive installations. The studio explores themes of regional identity and the future of resources in the age of globalisation. Adopting a unique approach to each of their work, they draw on the distinctive resources and vernacular aesthetic of its cultural, historic and economic geography. Professional training in art, and architecture allows the studio to bridge rich narratives with rigorous technical and spatial functionality.


As part of the designer in residence program at A/D/O by MINI, Studio Swine was commissioned to explore areas and techniques that they had yet to exhibit. 'Wave. Particle. Duplex' is the result of these explorations.

The Installation was accompanied by a film documenting the four-month creative process, highlights the use of technology to bring humans closer to the natural world. The exhibition explores ephemeral elements such as fog and light in an immersive installation, giving materiality to the ethereal. The work looks to the energy innate to, but invisible in, nature and then, with awe, captures wispsof it in hand-crafted vessels put on display via modern technology.